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mike-head-shotDr. Michael C. Moore is a certified psychoanalyst for adults and children, and a board certified adult and child psychiatrist. He has a full-time private practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Over thirty years of experience I have developed a deep understanding of the nature of human experience and what it takes to change. I work with patients who suffer from a range of symptoms that interfere with their capacity for work, love and growth.

All of our past experiences influence our present perceptions, shaping our sense of ourselves and others and affecting the range of possibilities we see in current relationships and work. Therapy is not just symptom oriented, but is addressed to the whole person, working towards self knowledge which leads to enduring, rather than temporary, change.

My patient and I decide what will be useful and necessary to provide lasting improvement, ranging from weekly therapy to more intensive psychoanalytic work. In connection with psychoanalytic therapy, medication can be useful to enable clients to more fully engage their lives and psychotherapeutic work.

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